Niwana (Sushi Bar), Charles Village

September 19, 2009

Niwana, Japanese and Korean Cuisine
3 E 33rd St
Charles Village, Baltimore
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Pictured – Bul Gogi
Most probably the Best all around Asian Restaurant in Baltimore City when you take into account location, atmosphere, quality and depth of menu.  Niwana is a Korean restaurant in the heart of Charles Village and just a few steps away from the JHU Homewood Campus.  They have a full bar, a couple of widescreen TV’s and a Sushi Bar.

I have eaten here a few times and never have been disappointed, though service can be potentially slow.  You start with a few complimentary appetizers, Kimchi, spicy cucumbers, beans, vermicelli, etc… all excellent!  The menu is vast, from Sushi and Sashimi to Spicy Soups to Grilled Rib Steaks, my preference, the Bul Gogi and any of the Sushi or Sashimi!  The Korean sticky rice served with most dishes is awesome!

It would take me a year to try most of the cooked dishes on the menu, what I’d really like to start trying are the Bap and Juk dishes… oh well, I will go back for more!  Two Big Thumbs up for this established restaurant and I am over due for a return visit!!!

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