Mekong Delta, Baltimore

September 20, 2009


Mekong Delta, Vietnamese
105 W Saratoga St
Baltimore, MD 21201
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It’s a new Vietnamese Restaurant in the Downtown area of Baltimore. The Mekong Delta, on the corner of Saratoga and Cathedral Streets is getting its share of good press from the local papers. It’s a small, 7 tables that might seat up to 20 or so diners, cozy space that needs more time to satisfy my thirst for really good Vietnamese food in Baltimore City.

I have lived and eaten more Vietnamese food in the Northern Virginia Washington DC area than you can imagine.  So for me to judge how good this little restaurant is a bit unfair.  It’s not the best Vietnamese I’ve eaten would be telling the truth, but I can also say it’s some of the best Vietnamese I’ve eaten in Baltimore City.  On the positive side, the PHO was pretty good, the Lemongrass Beef was excellent and the best part, it’s a BYOB!

Some downsides, my Summer Rolls broke, they were out of Vietnamese Spring Rolls, I expected my meal traditionally in bowl instead of a plate, they do not have Vietnamese Steak on the menu and the Nouc Mam was weak.  But these things will be improved over time.  Considering Baltimore City’s history of Asian dining, the addition of the Mekong Delta and its Souteast Asian menu is a big plus, if you love grilled food, you’ll love Vietnamese!

If I lived closer to this restaurant, I would dine there a couple times a month, easy on the wallet, good food and BYOB.  The Mekong Delta gets a big Thumbs Up and I’ll be back for seconds!

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