India Tandoor, Charles Village (Lower)

March 6, 2009


India Tandoor (Station North Arts District)
2101 N Charles St
Baltimore, MD

First thing first, the front door to the restaurant is on actually 21 St just East of Charles St. With the advice from Artist Matt Muirhead, we headed down to this restaurant pronto. An Indian Lunch Buffet for WHAT, only 7 bucks, we’ll give it a try.

It’s located in either Lower Charles Village or Station North Arts District depending, I suppose, where you personally hail from but to be fair, it would have to be considered in the Station North Arts District. Plenty of free or metered street parking with the old style 1 hour and 15 minutes for a mere quarter, so parking is cheap or free. The interior would have to be considered just this side of take out or a small diner. Maybe 15 people could sit comfortably at the tables without having to do a lot extra gyrations to move about. Tables were dressed with clean table clothes and generally more than acceptable.

The FOOD was just outstanding! Fresh Basmati Rice, just out of the oven Naan, all the Condiments you would expect and 6 or so entrees. To end your meal they also have authentic Indian rice pudding, Kheer! If you don’t leave this place satisfied there maybe something wrong… India Tandoor gets our highest highest approval rating for both satisfaction of menu and bargain value! A MUST TRY!


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