Antreasian Gallery, Hampden

November 8, 2008

Antreasian Gallery
1111 W 36th St
Hampden, on the Avenue

Here for the Opening Reception for One Mile North, One Mile South featuring artist Patricia Bennett at the Antreasian Gallery; one of the top art spaces in Baltimore or for that matter almost anywhere!  High ceilings, a vast space and great lighting gives the Antreasian an edge up on it’s competition.

The Spread this evenning consisted of hummus with chips, crackers and carrots, a bowl of mixed nuts and of course the Antreasian’s calling card, great cheese.  All good but one thing was obviously missing, the usual roll or 2 of nice hard french bread to go along with that great cheese platter!

IMAO the Antreasian more than made up for this faux paux (sans the bread) with the bottled wine and bottled water BUT it was the AMSTEL Light beers being served that knocked us out!  The ultimate Yuppie beer!

The crowd was good, never too packed and continually coming and going through the evening.  What we would really like to see… er hear, is a bit more music, one could not really tell if any music was playing or not, we just feel some kind of tunes would add to the already cool atmosphere.

To our chagrin, the Antreasian replaced that cool little wire/string you had to pull to flush the toilet with a fully and properly funtioning handle; we just loved the mystery of that tiny piece of wire/string doing the job…

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