Frazier’s on the Avenue

November 12, 2008

919 W 36th St

We believe Frazier’s on the Avenue is one of the most underrated places to eat or even hang out at… but the truth, we sometimes can see why; however if one looks at the whole picture, this place is good to very good.

Frazier’s during “Happy Hour” (4-7:00PM) offers up some pretty good drink deals. $1.50 for a few select draughts and bottled beers; draughts like Blue Moon and bottled/can Natty Bohs and PBR, not bad… not bad at all!

On Wednesday’s Frazier’s goes with 1/2 Price menu specials for stuff like Crab Cakes, Meatloaf and Pork Chops (it’s a rotating menu); the highest price one pays looks to be @ $7.50 and everything served comes with some kind of side or 2. Pretty Cheap and Pretty Good Eats…

If you’re out of the Avenue and just looking for some decent bar food, Frazier’s will probably fill the bill. They offer a full menu and have some unusual stuff like the “Marty Burger” (pictured above); an extra large burger with cheese, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, bacon ALL TOPPED with a Fried Egg, perrrrfect.

more in a bit…

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One Response to Frazier’s on the Avenue

  1. Karl Gustav
    September 6, 2009 at 8:49 am

    This is the worst bar in Baltimore. I hope everyday that it will go out of business. I will not get into the specifics. All I can say is avoid the place. Go somewhere else and spend your hard earned money. There are so many other bars in Baltimore.

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