Art Under Ground Studio

November 2, 2008


Art Under Ground Studio
826 W 36th St

We have to admit, the Art Under Ground Studio is probably one of the few Spaces in Baltimore that serves Beer and Wine (albeit Box Wine) at every Event. Not only that, but it’s all FREE and there’s no “tip” jar to boot, these guys get 2 big thumbs up for this!

The opening reception on Saturday November 1 was blessed with probably the last really warm day you’ll find this Fall and this made for a pleasant night out in Hampden. Nice size crowd coming and going, decent music and OK food. Ritz Crackers, Cheese and we think Turkey slices on one platter with Chips and Salsa on another. We also saw a bit of Fruit, like a fresh “party pack” from one of the local grocery stores. All in all, it was Average to Average, their Spread filled but was not overly satisfying.

We’ve been at the Studio a couple of other times and FINALLY, one could almost consider that these guys had a “working” bathroom. The toilet flushed with a little jiggling and they even had soap and paper towels handy!

It was an average Spread with a Nice size crowd but that BEER and WINE will always keep us coming back!

this Spread by ChazL and JoshuaJ

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